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"Awesome Gloucester" preproduction...

Today we broke ground on the foundations of this TV show pilot!

It's one thing to have an idea for a TV show (and sure, I have lots of them), but it's something completely different to enact a plan. We've got so much more potential than just producing futon commercials, here folks! Cape Ann is a great area all year-round, and I've been very luck to live in such a charasmatic part of it.

The image I posted is the "Awesome Gloucester postcard," which I use as a marketing tool to give people info on the show, it's themes, and contact information (all printed on the back). But the pitch of the show is as follows:

This is designed to be a “magazine style” travel/destination show that takes place in the town I live in, Gloucester, MA. This version would be a “pilot” of approximately 15 minutes, and not a standard 30 minute broadcast slot. The show opens with a montage of scenic and charismatic points around Gloucester set to upbeat music. Using motion graphics and other animations, we see the titles, credits, and basic show information presented to give us the ethos of Awesome Gloucester. The show has a host who becomes the casual everyman/woman and helps us identify fun and interesting things to do in Gloucester. Using 3-5 minute sessions segments, we explore a business, area, or cause in town to highlight its value and get a closer look. It is not for commercial gain, so subjects chosen will be showcasing a process or service for public knowledge, not a claim to market superiority. The Awesome Gloucester concept is a cross between Rick Steves: Europe and something like a local magazine show. This production would require the scheduling and shooting of several subjects in Gloucester, as well as a camera operator and on-air talent. I can do one or the other, but not both, so I will use my networking resources to recruit a crew member. All post-production would be done by me. This project would have cross-media support via my website at The show would have a dedicated page for viewers to interact, comment, and see other content not available in the show such as photos, links, and the YouTube channel. Gloucester has its share of community media already, most of it digital like Good Morning Gloucester (GMG) or Gloucester Times or Cape Ann Community Television. While these shows do bring a feel for current events and culture, I feel that Awesome Gloucester would be different by having short, entertaining, and informative segments. I believe a fun, upbeat delivery of local things would turn viewers into fans, who are engaged on multi-platform interaction and feedback for the show.

Feel free to contact me with ideas, suggestions, or resources that you would be willing to contribute.

Thanks for reading,



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