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Shooting Intro Sequence!

Monday, April 14th I began shooting b-roll for the intro sequence! It was a sunny spring day on Cape Ann and downtown Gloucester was looking fine! Lots of friendly people and sunshine. Got lots of good footage for the montage of images that will be the final product. But, I need more. How do you sum up a centuries old community in 45 seconds? Well, shoot more footage is the only thing I can think of. And people! Don't forget people.

Keep in mind peeps... if the weather is good, I'll be doing the "man on the street" quiz for random Gloucesterites on camera. How much do you know about the town? Answer and you'll get a... a... well I'm not sure if a "prize" is in order, but you'll look good on TV with your big brain!


#introsequence #broll #production #downtown #spring

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