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"Awesome Gloucester" intro sequence / june 2014 trailer

How do you create a visual narrative that summarizes an entire community in less than one minute?

It took a few weeks and alot of leg work around town, but I think we've got something that comes close, or at least, gives you a feel for the show. Fun, right?

Since this is a visual medium I'm working in, I'll let the images speak for themselves. In the meantime, thanks to the musicians known as Hudson for allowing me to use their song "The Belfry" in our upcoming show. Thanks to Cape Ann TV for the enthusiasm regarding this project, and thanks for all the smiling faces of local people that I encountered on the street or the beach. You know who you are!

Our first on-site shoot happens next week with host David Wesson, and if you would like your business or organization to be featured on Awesome Gloucester, just send an email via our 'CONTACT' tab on this website. We'd love to hear from you...

#capeanntv #trailer #introduction #hudson

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