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GoPro Hero 3 for use in production!

Not only was I able to get my hands on a GoPro Hero 3 action camera, I actually had a helmet on which to mount it. And no, it's not the coolest headgear or the best look I've got going, but I really enjoy the POV action cameras bring to the viewer. I spent some time on my skateboard and my trail bike getting a feel for it, as well as configuring the smartphone app that allows real-time video feed and review of footage. That's a big help for field production. Attaching it to the end of a long stick works well for those under water shots. My daughter and I spent some time in Lanes Cove in the tidal pools and the surf experimenting with POV and capturing underwater life. Look for a clip in the Awesome Gloucester intro sequence / trailer coming soon.

#gopro #hero3 #lanesville #lanescove #underwater #tidalpool #saltflat

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