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Good help is hard to find, but it found us!

Sometimes you think you've got it all under control... and then you realize you've signed up to be a one-man-band to an audience that's expecting an orchestra. Well, never fear Awesome Gloucesterites, because Michael Kelly is here to handle all your audio needs and to fix your malfunctioning memory cards. Ever double check all your equipment before the big day, and then have a near-meltdown the day-of? That ALMOST happened yesterday, but not on Michael's watch! Yes, our trusted SDHC card took a dive before shooting even started, but Mr. Kelly had back ups. And then he did a solid job as sound grip on the Zoom recorder and wireless lavaliers. We didn't even ask him, but he really wanted to be part of this production.

Thank you Michael Kelly! Welcome to m3creative and Awesome Gloucester!

You can see his previous work here.

#granitevisions #videography #m3creative #soundgrip

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