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Our first segment has been filmed!

On Monday, April 28th, we had the our fist production date for Awesome Gloucester. Ryan and Wood Distilleries is a family owned and operated business in Gloucester. We got a great tour from Doug Ryan with some hands-on work, lots of information, and samples at the end. We explored the artisan craft of American distilling as it's performed on site. The crew had a good time, and special thanks to Doug, Bob, and Kathy Ryan for your time and participation on Awesome Gloucester!

You can find out more about what we saw on their official website. Tell them Awesome Gloucester sent you!

More updates after our next shoot next week! Thanks for reading, and remember: if you have an organization in the Cape Ann area you'd like to see on our show, please contact us ASAP.

Until next time, stay awesome, Gloucester!

#rum #whiskey #distillery #vodka #gin #familybusiness #ryanandwood

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