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Bread of the Fisherman!

You can't claim to make the "bread of the fisherman" in Gloucester, MA and take that statement lightly. Today's shoot took us to Virgilio's Bakery & Deli in downtown Gloucester where we had a very hands-on experience with the baking process. Our host David had a hand prepping dough, bagging bread, loading bread, and tasting bread, of course. As a three-generation family business, it was great to see how this simple and wholesome tradition of breadmaking continues.

The staff was more than happy to walk us through what was happening, and even wear the holy grail of videographer toys - the GoPro helmet! What great POV footage we have in store for the final cut!

As always, thanks to all the staff at Virgilio's and to my crew (David Wesson and Michael Kelly).

#virgilios #breadmaking #breadofthefisherman #italiandeli #joevirgilio

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