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Test your Gloucester IQ...

Did you see us on Main Street today? Michael Kelly and I were doing a little "man on the street" segment for Awesome Gloucester where we treat passers-by with a short quiz on the town history. It was a sunny day and we had a great cross-section of people who were happy to be part of the show.

Here were the questions:

1) Q: When was the city of Gloucester incorporated?

A: Everyone said 1623, although different sources report different things. I'm going to say that 10 Gloucesterites can't be wrong...

2) Q: Who is the mayor of Gloucester?

A: Carolyn Kirk.

3) Q: What is the population of Gloucester?

A: About 29,000 (28,789 according to the 2013 record).

4) Q: What is your favorite thing about Gloucester?

A: We got a lot of great responses. Watch the show debut to see what people say.

See you on the next blog!


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