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Maritime Gloucester + Awesome Gloucester = Awesome time!

Thursday June 5th was pouring rain, but that didn't stop the courageous crew of Awesome Gloucester from getting the job done at Maritime Gloucester! We had a great time with Melanie, Kelsey, and Mary Kay, and got to tag along with some 5th graders on a field trip (and no, David, zombies are not an "invasive species"). Who knew you can pack so many exhibits, tours, and sea life into just a few hours? We got some great footage of the pocket aquarium, both in and out of the water.

Also, thanks to Mr. Henry Cooper, fellow Northeastern University student, who stepped in as 2nd unit camera, making everyone's job a little easier and providing some excellent extra footage.

That was the last shoot for the pilot episode of Awesome Gloucester. It's all smoke and mirrors now as we edit the show into it's final form and get ready for launch. It's as good a time as any to mention that you're welcome to suggest organizations in the greater Cape Ann area that you'd like to see on future episodes. Tell your friends! Would you like to see/attend a debut viewing party? Let us know and maybe we can make it happen!

You can find us on Twitter: @mthreecreative

and #awesomegloucestertv as well as our usual Facebook page.

Stay Awesome out there!

#maritimegloucester #northeasternuniversity #capeann #awesomegloucestertvshow

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