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Gloucester Area Astronomy Club (GAAC)

Nobody compains about an easy tv shoot. There might be hot food, or drinks, or some kind of party. It's comfortable and everyone says: "Oh, I love this part of the job!"

But if you're Awesome Gloucester crew, you don't complain EVER, even if you could! Especially when we shoot in zero light, at night, in freezing night temperatures, where you couldn't use lighting rigs even if you brought them...

Welcome to the Gloucester Area Astronomy Club (GAAC)! We filmed a small star party at Halibut Point State Park in Rockport, where we learned about DIY astronomy from Michael Deneen, founding member and astronomy enthusiast. What a great time for all ages! Also, gorgeous night sky viewing. Highly recommended, so be sure to check out their website. GAAC will be featured in the next episode of Awesome Gloucester!


P.S.: It wasn't all bad. Thanks to Alice Morris for brigning hot pizza, and to Michael Kelly for fresh donuts!

Stay Awesome, Gloucester!

#astronomy #capeann #rockport #halibutpoint

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