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Awesome Gloucester wins national award!

Hello Awesome Gloucesterites! M3Creative is proud to say that our show, Awesome Gloucester, was the winner of the 2015 Hometown Media Award for Best Magazine Show, under the Independent Producer category. This is a national award presented by the Alliance for Community Media in Minneapolis, MN. Matt Morris' listing is on this webpage, alphabetically for "magazine shows":

See 2015 Hometown Media Award winners here... If you've never seen our show, you can watch the winning debut episode here...

Thank you to our host and crew: David Wesson, Michael Kelly, Henry Cooper, and Becky Tober, as well as all of our sponsors and interview subjects, and especially CATV. At the risk of sounding cliche`, none of this would have been possible without all these people coming together.

But not to be overlooked, CATV had FIVE other shows that won national awards. CATV had never won an award on the national level in this award contest, so bravo to them and the other producers who make such great TV content for Cape Ann. We are proud to stand with you in this category.

I guess this means we better get to work on more episodes...

Stay Awesome, Gloucester!

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