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Matthew Morris loves what he does with media production, and always has.


A native of Aroostook County, Maine, Matthew experimented with different media starting in childhood with cassette recorders, comic strips, VHS camcorders, and writing fiction.  While attending the University of New Hampshire, Matthew branched out his passion for rock music by becoming a radio DJ on WUNH 91.3fm for two academic years.  He also formed the power-trio band Dr. Catharsis and learned DIY music recording.  Matthew would go on to found the heavy metal band Big Coffin Hunters in the vibrant music scene of Portland, ME.


After years of producing music, as well as handling management, graphic design, video production, websites and online promotion of his projects, Matthew looked for professional opportunities in this field. He started working at WPXT-TV in Westbrook, ME, where he developed basic copywriting and client negotiation skills.  This was crucial experience for negotiating the balance between vision, budget, and practicality for client projects; "selling the idea," so to speak.  Matthew founded M3 Creative in 2010 with his years of business accumen and networking experience in the private sector.  M3 was successful in its first year by securing a regular client for marketing videos, as well as a documentary short.  M3 Creative continues to branch out to include other visual communications such as motion graphics, original content creation, and audio voiceovers.


To improve his professional skill set and accreditation, Matthew moved with his family to Cape Ann, Massachusetts in order to attend graduate school.  He graduated from Northeastern University in 2014 with his Masters in Digital Media with a concentration in Digital Video Production.  Matthew uses his skills and drive not only as a full time profession, but also for personal projects and is working to become an educator in the field of digital media.  He has extensive experience with in-house video production for healthcare, corporate communications, and higher-education.

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